Morocco Travel Tips

So, in case you’re planning a trip to Marrakech, Morocco, anytime soon, here are some essential first-timer tips to make your journey smoother.

1. Always Have Cash on Hand

When venturing to most destinations, employing credit cards offers convenience, but in Morocco, the primary means of payment remains cash, particularly at souks (local markets) and restaurants. It’s highly advisable to exchange currency at the airport before proceeding to your accommodation. Many ATMs in the city may be defective or non-functional, thus having Moroccan dirham on hand is the optimal strategy.

2. Don't Be Afraid to Haggle!

Embarking on a shopping escapade in Morocco is a delightful experience, with a myriad of shopping centers and an array of products to indulge in. However, as a tourist, you might become an easy target for overcharging. Here, the art of haggling comes to the fore! Skillful bargaining can often lead to a substantial reduction of up to 50% off the original asking price.

3. Wear Comfortable Shoes for Walking

In Marrakech, walking reigns supreme as the primary mode of transportation, with most places easily accessible on foot. The charming alleyways and souks are best explored through leisurely strolls. As such, wearing comfortable shoes becomes imperative to savor the joys of Marrakech’s exploration.

4. Google Maps Will Be Your Best Friend

Meandering through Marrakech’s streets reveals a dearth of street signs. In this predicament, Google Maps emerges as your invaluable savior. Some locals may assert that Google Maps fails to function optimally in the city, offering their assistance instead.

5. Get Yourself a Local SIM Card

Staying connected throughout your journey assumes paramount importance, necessitating the purchase of a local SIM card. Procuring one from a kiosk at Marrakech’s airport guarantees seamless connectivity during your entire trip.

6. Spend on Food!

One of the highlights of the Moroccan cuisine! we all fell in love with the culinary experience in Marrakech and highly recommend indulging in the local dishes. The food is not only delicious but also reasonably priced, so you won’t feel guilty enjoying your meals. Additionally, I suggest trying out one of the many rooftop restaurants in the city, as it’s a popular trend and offers a unique dining experience.

7. Book a Riad for Your Accommodation

To fully immerse yourself in the Moroccan experience, consider staying in a riad instead of a typical hotel. Riads are traditional Moroccan houses located within the walled city, offering a genuine touch of culture and tradition. I also recommend choosing a riad that provides daily breakfast and has air conditioning, especially if you’re visiting during the hot and sticky summer days.