Shared Desert Tour from Marrakech: Packing Tips for Morocco Desert Adventure

If you’re planning a shared desert tour from Marrakech or have already booked one, knowing what to pack is crucial for a comfortable and memorable experience. We are here to guide you through the essentials you should bring on your Morocco desert adventure.

Packing for Your Shared Desert Tour
1. Luggage Safety and Storage

Rest assured, your luggage will be safe in the minibus during the shared desert tour. Feel free to bring it with you, whether it’s a budget shared Marrakech 3-day tour to Merzouga, a shared 4-day Moroccan desert trip combining Zagora and Merzouga, or a group 2-day trip to Zagora from Marrakech. However, to enhance your comfort, consider leaving your luggage in the hotel storage room if you return to the same hotel after the desert tour.

2. Choose a Reliable Rack Sack

We recommend using a rack sack for your shared Morocco desert tour. It provides ample space to store your belongings during the trip and ensures you have more room in your Bedouin tent in Erg Chebbi or Zagora.

What to Wear During the Morocco Desert Tour
3. Dress Accordingly to the Season

In the summertime, light and breathable clothing is sufficient. However, during winter, make sure to dress warmly as the Sahara desert can be very cold, especially at night. While there are appropriate bedding and blankets in the Morocco desert camp to keep you warm, we advise against bringing a sleeping bag. For camel trekking, opt for trousers or jeans for comfort and to avoid skin irritation.

4. Toiletries and Comfort Essentials

The Sahara desert camp offers common toilets and some basic shower facilities. However, we recommend bringing wet towels and torches to ensure your comfort during your stay in the desert camp.

5. Protection from the Elements

Sunglasses and sunscreen are essential to shield your eyes and skin from the desert’s sand and sunlight. Don’t forget to pack a scarf to protect your hair, ears, and nose from the sand, which can be quite windy in the desert.

6. Keep Your Devices Charged

Ensure you bring your phone and camera battery chargers to capture the stunning landscapes and create lasting memories during your shared desert tour.


Proper preparation is key to having an unforgettable Morocco desert tour experience. By packing the right essentials and following our recommendations, you can make the most of your journey through the breathtaking desert landscapes.